Why We Are Here

The purpose of Streams in the Desert House Church Network is TRANSFORMATION! This happens through outreach - transforming those that do not yet know Jesus into those that do know him, and discipleship - transforming those that do know Jesus into those that follow Jesus. 

Additionally, our fellowship, this house church network, is focused on the de-churched among us. These are people that love God but no longer feel attached or committed to the traditional, institutional church. There are large numbers of people that have found themselves in this category through no intentional effort of their own. We are finding that many of these de-churched people still want to be connected to God and to his people in meaningful ways. You may be one of those people - if so…welcome home!

Our fellowship is focused on all parts of this mandate of TRANSFORMATION through five critical and interconnected components - prayer, reading (the Bible), giving, going, and multiplying.

© Dave Powell 2014