Multiplying - Distinctive #5

The final component is that our fellowship be a MULTIPLYING fellowship. This is a part of the outreach value of this fellowship. 

In the traditional, institutional church world being a multiplying fellowship is difficult because, typically, each new fellowship needs to be lead by a paid professional in a special building. A key component in house churches is that the fellowship does not need to be led by professional ministers, people that other people have deemed to be worthy of the role of leader with the expectation that others would be followers. In the house church world there are leaders but they are typically called elders or spiritual mothers and spiritual fathers. These are people that God has deemed worthy of the role of leader. Not only does God deem these people to be worthy of the role of leaders by raising them up in the fellowship, he has called them, formed them, and anointed them to fulfill this role. In reality, each one of us is a candidate for such a role depending on God's calling or anointing on our lives. I look forward to the time that God might raise up a thirteen year old student to be a spiritual father or mother to a group of their school friends. Additionally, house churches do not need a special building…most of us already have a house, an apartment, a room at work, or a some kind of acceptable location to gather together.

Embracing this concept is the first step to being a multiplying fellowship...that God would speak to different individuals, placing a desire, a call, on their lives to assist other followers of Jesus in their journey of faith. As God raises these people up, and we are praying that he will do this, we will believe that he will also gather a new group of people to surround around these spiritual parents to form a new house church plant. This group will remain as connected to the Streams in the Desert House Church Network as they desire. Our commitment will be to support this new church in any way that we can. 

Part of that support will be to gather all of the house church in the network on a regular basis - possibly monthly but at least quarterly. While the purpose of each house church will be for fellowship and discipleship, the purpose of the larger gathering will be for celebration and vision casting. 

This is a quick snapshot of the purpose, values, and ways of the Streams in the Desert House Church Network. It is our hope that you would prayerfully seek God, asking if this might be a new home for you. We hope that it is! Please contact me at for more information.

© Dave Powell 2014