Going - Distinctive #4

The fourth component is GOING. This component is found in a critical passage in the Bible – Matthew 28:18-20, the Great Commission. This verse has been interpreted by saying that the command is to GO! In truth the "going" is an assumption of how one would function in one's daily life... as you are going, not necessarily a command to pick up and go. There is a command in this passage of scripture, that command is 1) to make disciples; 2) to baptize those disciples; and 3) to teach those disciples. This is the core of the going component at Streams. This going includes going across the hall AND around the world.

The component of going is closely tied to the component of giving. We have identified five areas of giving / going for our fellowship. The first area is going to the people in each one’s own house church. This will include financial assistance if needed or physical assistance as opportunities arise. The second area is people that we know or become aware of outside of our house church. This would include people that may already know Christ or that do not yet know him. Again the giving of financial assistance or physical assistance would be included here. The third area is local faith-based ministries. This would include giving money to a local ministry such as Our Daily Bread or going down to their site to volunteer our time. Similar to this is national faith-based ministries like SF City Impact in San Francisco or the Dream Center in Los Angeles (the fourth area of giving / going). This idea is to support a national ministry financially and, at some point, to take a trip to their locale volunteering our time for a week or so. Finally is the area of global faith-based ministries. This would be similar to the national ministries except that these ministries would be located around the world. Again, we would send money or take a trip to volunteer in some locale around the world. An example of a global ministry is Water Wells for Africa

Bottom line, going involves investing our time and resources to help meet the needs of others, being God's loving hands to a lost and dying world, either across the hall or around the world.

© Dave Powell 2014