Reading - Distinctive #2

The second component is READING the Word of God each week. The Word is life to the followers of Christ (see John chapter 1). Our goal at Streams is that we each will read the Bible, study the Bible, and expect God to speak to us about the Bible and through the Bible to our very life, to our soul...every day. Gone are the days where a professional will read the Bible and tell us what it means for our lives. 

The first step in our approach to the Bible is to announce ahead of time (at the end of the weekly gathering) the passage for the week, usually 10-12 verses. The plan is that everyone will read those 10-12 verses every day (at least four or five of the seven days each week), expecting God to speak to him or her about the scriptures that they are reading and how they apply to their lives. After this we will gather at our weekly meeting and share with the group what God revealed to us, individually, about the passage.

The "teacher" for the week will facilitate this discussion presenting additional points that may not have yet arisen in the discussion. The goal of this exercise is not to know about God or about the Bible but to be impacted by the Bible, to know God, and to hear what God would speak to us through the reading of his word. The main effort of the "teacher" for the week will be in the selection of the passage to be read by the group. This task will be approached with much prayer, as it is the direction of the entire group for the whole week. 

© Dave Powell 2014