Streams in the Desert House Church is a collection of people who gather together at least once a week to better know God and each other. Our focus is on providing a safe place where people who do not feel extremely comfortable or fulfilled in the traditional, institutional church can find a home. This is not a church where people will do everything for you but rather it is a place where we all participate in serving each other and the world around us. 

Everyone is welcome at Streams! However, this is not a small group attached to a church…this is a church that stands on its own. We don’t have a doctrinal statement…just the Bible, the inspired word of God. We don’t have programs to keep you busy…yet our goal is to be very involved in each others lives. We don’t have professional leaders...our intent is to be led by the Holy Spirit as he manifests himself through each one of us sharing the gifts that God has given us. 

You may be very welcome and well served in your current church…but if not then we encourage you to join us Sunday evenings at 5:00 or Thursday evenings at 5:30 at the home of Dave and Lavonne Powell. We begin with a meal together which always includes communion - the Lord’s Supper. We then have a time of sharing our lives including different points for which we need prayer. Finally we spend time discussing a short section of scripture, one that we have all been reading for the last seven days. We typically are finished at 7:30 on Sundays or 8:00 on Thursdays. There is no child care or youth group, we want every member of the family to be involved throughout the whole evening.

At Streams in the Desert we have five distinctives that guide what we do. Check out our PURPOSE page to know more about these disticntives.

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